CCTV InstallationThe Security of your business and the safety of your employees is a crucial aspect of running a business and having CCTV installed on the premises can be one of the single most important security features.

A CCTV system’s presence also acts as a strong deterrent for criminal activities such as vandalism, break-ins, theft and physical assaults/harassment. With cameras positioned at strategic locations you can reduce the chance of such activities taking place or even prevent them completely.

If someone does happen to commit a criminal act you will have reliable footage of the event that can be reviewed to identify the culprit. CCTV footage is a powerful piece of evidence if anything terrible were to happen. Having access to CCTV footage can be incredibly useful to not only the business but also the local law enforcement, as you may have captured the ideal angle to witness a crime taking place nearby.

At Peak Support we provide CCTV supply and installation as one of our many solutions. We will help you determine the best locations for cameras in order to cover locations such as access points and areas of high importance.

Coaxial Systems – Coaxial cameras or analogue cameras are the traditional type of security camera and have been around a lot longer than their IP counterparts, due to this they are usually highly compatible with many DVR’s and existing systems. Also the signal is sent directly to the DVR and won’t need to use up any network resources. They are also usually cheaper, however that can vary depending on the amount of cable required and the quality of camera as these days 4k coax cameras are available.

IP Systems – IP cameras are a newer, more modern type of security camera. They generally cost more than coax cameras but have more features. In terms of video quality IP cameras come out on top as the signal is completely digital, whereas a coax signal is analogue which is converted to digital, also the signal can be encrypted for increased cyber security. The installation of these types of cameras can be simpler as only one cable is required in the form of POE (power over ethernet) whereas the coax cameras require one cable for the video signal and a separate cable for power. Some of the more modern features to IP cameras include the ability to access and control cameras individually over the network they are on and also facial recognition via advanced AI.

If you have any questions or enquiries about CCTV supply and installation please get in touch.